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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wonder Woman

I walk into the house to see you wearing those sexy red boots that goes with the very revealing Wonder Woman costume, the one that drives me crazy. I lock eyes with you as you give me an innocent look, making me smile. You look up at me with hungry passionate eyes, one finger on your lips, biting your fingertip and letting out a small sigh.
I come over to the couch and wrap my hands around your ankles, parting your legs gently so I can slide between them. My hands glide up your legs slowly, lightning flowing through both our bodies when my fingertips touch your soft smooth skin.
Up and over your knees, sliding down your thighs slowly, gently squeezing them as they crawl closer to your bare cheeks, a smooth wet kitty staring up at me.  I smile and stop, leaning down to kiss your southern lips before I make the climb up the rest of your body. My hands cup your cheeks and squeeze them tight as my lips continue to climb up your body, kissing all the way.
Your belly receives the second kiss, your hands grabbing my head in anticipation of what’s to come. You run your fingers through my hair, knowing how it excites me. I kiss up your body slowly, teasing your skin, begging for my lips to be touching it bare.
I kiss your left nipple, then your right, as they poke out through your top, biting them gently. I kiss each point of the eagle’s wing tips, the top point last, just below your neck. I begin to kiss your bare skin, covering every inch of your skin with my lips from shoulder to shoulder as you wrap your legs around my back, crossing your ankles, locking me in and pressing your body tight against mine.
I begin to nuzzle your neck at the soft spot, where it connects to your shoulders, sending a chill that runs through your entire body.  Softly I suckle, drinking in your energy, making you gasp softly before moaning, holding my head to your sweet juicy skin. I continue to suckle, gulping down your essence, intoxicating as it is, I continue to get drunk off of you.
Your hands go limp as you begin to feel breathless. I start kissing up your neck as you gasp for air. Your lips begin kissing the air, looking for my lips, longing for them. I deny you no more as I lock my lips firmly to yours, giving you the air you desire. My tongue slides inside your mouth and you slap it with your own before gently sucking on the tip.
Your entire body is squirming now as we continue to kiss. A passionate fire is growing deep inside of you, escaping slowly through your lips, as you cup your hands around my face. My hands, still holding you by your lower cheeks, lifts your body up and pulls you closer to me, allowing me to lay you down on the couch all the way.
You break away and smile as you pull your own top down, sliding the skirt up to your hips, wearing the costume like a belt. I continue kissing you, like being away was being without oxygen. We kiss smooth and passionate, our tongues flaming the fire.
You gasp into my mouth as my fingers begin to play with your kitty, sliding along the edge of your lower lips, smoothly sneaking in, one by one, until I have three fingers inside you. You moan with each invading finger, throwing your head back, exposing your neck to me.
“As you wish,” I whisper before locking my lips onto your neck again. I suck softly and my fingers glide in and out smoothly. Your entire body tingles as I continue sliding in and out of you, my tongue crashing against your neck in waves. You try to brace yourself for the explosions that are releasing all over your body but I have you pinned down, all you can do is grab the cushion and squeeze.
You begin to gasp for air so I kiss your lips once more, teasing you this time, kissing your lips quickly before pulling away, making your body beg for more as I continue to finger you slowly. I look you in the eyes as you gasp for air, an evil grin on my face as I enjoy the look of pleasure on yours.
I kiss your lips, drinking in your gasp and pull away, this time you lock your teeth on my lower lip, not letting me go. I come back to kissing your lips as I start sliding into you faster. Your hips begin to thrust up against me, begging for more. You begin to gasp more and more as your body explodes, covering my fingers with your cream.
I slide out slowly, your kitty throbbing as it continues to cum. I smile an evil grin as you lay there, panting for breath.  I kiss your lips softly before breaking away and kissing the side of your neck. I kiss down your chest to your beautiful breast, kissing every inch of them softly until I reach your nipple, nibbling it soft at first, taking more in with every bite.
I suck softly as my tongue swirls around your nipple, rubbing it up against my teeth. I pull my head back slowly, biting your nipple between my teeth until it pops out of my mouth. I continue to suck your other nipple as my fingers begin to slide inside you again. With each thrust you moan softly, biting your lower lip, trying to hold your moans in, unable to hold them in long.
My tongue keeps slapping your nipple, suckling and biting, sending chills throughout your body. Your body begins to squirm again as the fire roars inside you. You push up against me but this time I hold you down with my free hand, fingers lightly rubbing against your belly, chills rising again.
You moan loudly and grab my hair, squeezing, holding me to your breast as you cum all over my fingers again. Gasping for air you let go of my head. I slide out of you once again and smile. You pant for air as you look down at me and smile. I kiss between your breast and slide down your body, kissing as I go.
“My finger’s have had enough fun, it’s my turn now.” 
Before you can say anything I start licking your kitty, swirling my tongue around and nibbling your clit. My tongue begins crashing against your clit like waves crashing on your sweet shores. My tongue slides in and out, swirling round and round. You reach down and hold my head down, running your fingers through my hair again, driving me crazy.
You cry out, begging me not to stop. I do as commanded and keep nibbling till you cum, your entire body falling limp on the couch. You breathe heavy as you try to catch your breath.
“God I love those red boots.”
You get a second wind and grab my hair, lifting my head up. “You what?”
“I love your red boots,” I answer with a smile.
You throw my head back as you sit up, pushing me back into the couch.  You yank my shirt off with a smile, swirling it around over your head like a trophy.  I see your sweet breast bouncing in front of me and I lick my lips before attempting to catch one in my mouth. Reading my mind you push me back into the couch as you lean back, holding me back with one hand on my chest.
“Ut uh,” you whisper, shaking your head no.  “You haven’t earn these yet,” you say as your free hand, dropping my shirt to the floor, rubs across your breast slowly, one breast to the other, your fingernails swirling around your nipples.
“Shhh,” you snap.  “It’s MY turn now.  You’re MY bitch now and you have to do as I say!”
You reach down and unbuckle my pants.  Standing up you allow me to stand up so my pants can fall to the floor, then push me hard so I flop back on the couch.  You pounce, sitting on my lap, pinning me down, your boots squeezing tightly against my bare legs.  My hands slowly slide up your thighs and you stop me.
Grabbing my wrist you push them under my legs.  “Keep them there!”
“Yes Mam’,” I whisper with a smile.
You start straddling my lap slowly, grinding your hips back and forth against mine.  You run your hands through your hair, lifting it up and letting it fall softly against your shoulders, driving me insane as I long to touch your skin.  You see the torment in my eyes and smile as your hands cup your own breast, rubbing softly to the rhythm your hips are creating.
I can feel your moisture as I grow closer to you, poking you softly.  You stop as you reach down and grab me with a smile on your sweet face. You slide me deep inside you, slowly, taking in and savoring every inch of my shaft.
I try to pull my hands from under my legs but you thrust downward with your hips, pinning me back down to the couch.  Slowly you begin riding me again, bouncing up and down very slow, your warm kitty purring.
You begin to lean back, arching your back, causing your breast to be inches from my face. I lean forward, desperate to catch your sweet juicy nipples in my mouth but you brace yourself as you hold me back with your hand on my chest.  Your free hand begins to rub your breast.  Round and round your nipple, pinching it between your fingers as you continue to straddle me, tormenting me.
“Please,” I whisper, begging you.
You slap me softly before shaking your finger no.  “Sit back and watch,” you demand as you roll your eyes back into your head, biting your lower lip, savoring the pleasures running through your entire body.
I do as you command.  Your hand runs down my chest to where our two bodies meet and up your stomach to your chest.  A soft moan escapes your lips before you bite it again.  You run your hands up and down your body, letting your hair fall around my knees, rubbing against my legs.
You have me pinned down perfectly.  I can’t even thrust up inside you.  Suddenly you lift your body up to mine, pressing your chest into mine, your lips lightly touching mine, breathing into my open mouth as you gasp for air, the fire burning hot, lightening coursing through your veins.  You kiss me deeply before breaking away, throwing your head back, your hair flying through the air as you cum, your hips shaking as your cream oozes all over my shaft.
A low growl rumbles out of me as I nip at your chin, catching your neck as I miss.  You laugh softly as the touch of my tongue tickles you.  I pull my hands free and wrap them around your body, holding you to me.
I kiss down your neck to your breast, running the tip of my tongue lightly against your skin as I gently nibble your nipple once again.  My hands press against your back firmly, pressing you into me as I ravish you, one nipple at a time.
My shaft stiffens once more, still inside your warm purring kitty.  It flexes, sending a chill through your body.  My hands slide down to your waist.  I hold you tight as I thrust up deep inside you, quick and hard.  You moan softly as I thrust up over and over again, quick and hard, smooth and slow, not letting you know what’s coming before I thrust.
I rotate back and forth between your nipples and your neck as you arch your back, allowing me deep access into your soft warm kitty.  You can’t help yourself as you start straddling me, grinding your hips down as I thrust up.  With each thrust, you moan louder, begging me for more.
Your skin is on fire, every touch from me electrifying your senses.  You scream from the pleasurable pain running through your body as your cum builds up.  I explode deep inside you, shooting over and over, my shaft flexing with each shot of cum.  The sensation is more than you can control.  You grab the back of my head, holding me to your breast as you brace yourself for the explosion from your own body.
You let go as your body goes limp once more.  I kiss up your neck, pulling your shoulders back to me, lifting your head as I wrap my lips with yours, tasting your sweetness once again, as if for the first time.
I lean back into the couch and you rest your head on my shoulders, my arms wrapped around your back, hugging you as I feel your heart beating in tune with mine.  I flex my shaft, still inside you, sending chills throughout your body, causing you to shudder.  I laugh softly with each shudder before kissing your shoulder.
Slowly I roll you onto the couch as I stand up.  I smile down at you, your beautiful eyes looking back at me.  You begin to smile too as you realize I am NOT done.  I stand you up and lean you over the arm rest of the couch as I get in behind you.
My hands run up your back slowly then down your ribs, pulling you back toward me, sliding my hard shaft back inside you, deeper than I was before.  I pull out slowly, my tip barely inside you before ramming it back in hard.  You gasp for air then bite your lower lip, allowing your moans to build up.
Again and again I pull out slow and thrust in hard.  My hands rub your hips and sweet cheeks as I thrust in over and over, making you smile and beg me not to take it out.  You don’t want me to stop and I don’t want to stop. I want to stay inside your warm soft southern lips for hours on end.
“Harder,” you moan softly, guiding me to pleasing you.
I smile and thrust in harder and faster, making you gasp over and over, unable to stop yourself.  Your legs begin to buckle as your entire body once again builds up the sweet cream I love.  Harder and harder I thrust.  Louder and louder you scream, begging me to make you cum.
Your wish is my command as I keep going in and out, harder and faster than before.  You grab hold of the cushions as you cum, your entire body shaking.  Your warm cream all over me causes me to explode deep inside you.
We both try to catch our breath as we lay over the arm rest.  You push back against me, turning your head so we can kiss once more before laying back down on the couch, waiting for a second and third wind to hit us.

Monday, August 17, 2015


The air is calm and cool.  The water a perfect turquoise green and warm to the touch.  I walk out until the water is up to my chest.  I lean back and let the sea have me. I close my eyes and relax. I let the calming waves drift me away to peaceful bliss.
You swim out to me and come up underneath me, knocking me over under the waves.  As I pop out of the water you laugh at being able to dunk me.  I reach for you and you scream while trying to swim away.  I catch you and pull you back to me.
Holding you tight in my arms I kiss your lips, gently sliding my tongue inside you as the waves lift our bodies and gently lower us back down.  Your body rubs against me and we both want the same thing.  Pulling off my shorts I lift you onto my hips with ease.  Sliding the bottom of your bathing suit over you can feel me gently pushing inside you till a wave lifts me up, driving me deep inside your kitty.  You gasp for air as I pull you down deep onto me.
The motion of the waves rocking back and forth is all the thrusting I’m doing.  We continue to kiss as the waves lift you up and down on my shaft.  Our bodies and hearts becoming one with the ocean.  You break away from my kiss as the fire builds deep inside you, ready to explode into ecstasy.  You cum, screaming loudly, thanking the sea for your orgasm.
Your warm cum on my hard cock makes me explode deep inside you, causing your body to shudder with each squirt and flex of my shaft, the water making you more sensitive than before.  You smile before kissing me again.  The waves lifting you up and down, ready to make you cum again and again and again.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Taking a drive out to the waterfall I look over at you and smile.  Looking at you in your bikini and white thin tank top with the tiny thin straps, I have to squirm in my seat as I feel tightness in my shorts.  You grin from ear to ear, knowing what is going on on my side of the car.  I look back at the road but steal glances at you from time to time, just long enough for you to know that you are driving me crazy.
As I pull up to the waterfall you jump out and run toward the water, free of the car and ready to spread your wings wide.  Soaring through the air you dive smoothly beneath the waves, letting the cold water embrace your very being.  I set out the blankets and strip down to my swim trunks to join you when I see you walking out of the water toward the waterfall.  Too stiff to move I watch you glide under the waterfall and let the water wash all over your body.  You turn to face me and your grin returns as well.
Slowly you begin to make your way toward me as I stand there motionless, my jaw dragging on the floor.  You giggle and let your wet hair fall around your face.  Looking at me with hungry passionate eyes I am frozen, wanting, longing for you to devour me.  Your shirt is hugging your skin tightly, exposing your excitement as well.  Seeing your hard nipples breaks my trance and I lift you up into my arms as you get close.
Kissing your sweet lips deeply, I drink in your intoxicating air.  Your beauty making me the luckiest man on Earth.  You wrap your arms around my head and run your fingers through my hair, holding me to you tight.  Slowly I lower you to the blankets I have laid out while still kissing your sweet lips.  I am overpowered by your passion as you begin to devour my essence.
My hands gently caress your body, the mere touch of my fingertips sends chills across your body, igniting the flame deep inside your soul.  Your soft lips begin to break away from mine as you kiss my neck and shoulders, gently biting me to release the beast within.  I moan gently, pulling you under me, pinning you to the ground.  You snap your teeth at me, not wanting to stop.  I smile, being in full control now, you are at MY mercy.
Lifting up your bikini top with my teeth I begin to ravish your sweet nubs.  One nipple then the other, swirling around gently in my mouth, sliding between my teeth, teasing you the way you teased me.  I nibble and suckle hard, causing you to gasp for air.  Your hips begin to rock and squirm as your kitty throbs, begging for attention.  Still pinning you down I kiss down your tummy, tickling you with my tongue as I let go long enough to slide your bottom off.  Kissing back up your legs, spreading them gently over my shoulders with my head sailing toward your kitty.
My tongue begins to please you, giving you what you crave, feeding your hunger.  Your passionate nature takes over and you demand more.  I know what you want and I know you are ready.  I start kissing back up your body till I reach your lips.  As my lips kiss yours my shaft parts your other lips, gently invading your warm soft body.  In and out I slide, causing you to moan in my mouth and brace yourself for each thrust you know is coming your way.
Holding your body under me in my arms you wrap your arms around my body, your hands exploring every inch of my back.  Your angelic body can not contain itself anymore as you moan louder and louder, drifting heaven bound.  You try to contain your screams by biting my shoulders again, causing me to growl deeply, enjoying every sweet nibble.
Your body explodes into sweet bliss as your kitty throbs and covers me with your warm cum.  I continue to thrust in you, causing you to shudder from excitement with each flex of my shaft till I explode deep inside of you.  You gasp for air and shake as I slowly stop thrusting.  Flexing my shaft, you jump at the sensation it causes you.  Now it’s my turn to grin from ear to ear.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wake Up Call

It’s 5am and I wake up, my arms wrapped around your naked body. My hand cups your breast as my morning wood pokes your back side.
“Good morning,” I whisper as I thrust inside you slowly.
You yell with surprise then moan softly as I thrust in again, pulling out to the tip then thrusting back in hard and fast. Out slow, in fast.
I hold you back to me, bending you forward slightly so I can go in deeper.
You moan and my free hand flies up to cover your mouth. “No,” I say, “Hold it in till you explode.”
You try to moan but I keep my hand over your mouth. I keep thrusting in harder and faster, your entire body is on fire, begging for a release.
I remove my hand and you scream as your pussy explodes, covering me with your cum.
Your warm cream causes me to explode myself, shooting deep inside you.
You gasp for air. I laugh as I flex inside you a few times, causing you to cum again from aftershocks.